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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Cosmo Circle Jerk Continues...

Solo Step 2: Explore Down South

One of the most private places to awaken your senses is in the tub. To get started, draw a bubble bath. "As you soak in the warm water, your muscle tension will melt," says Schwartz. "You'll be more responsive to touch when you're relaxed." Increase the release by massaging your inner thighs and running your hands up your tummy and over your breasts. Now circle your nipples with a sudsy fingertip, then gently tug on them. "If this is an erogenous zone for you, it may trigger tingles down below," adds Schwartz.

Now zero in on your hot spots by getting even more hands-on. "Our fingers are ideal tools for learning what type of pressure, speed and stroke work the best," says Sadie Allison, sex educator and author of Tickle Your Fancy: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure. Let your digits wander south, tracing the sensitive folds of your inner labia. Get playful and draw the alphabet with your pinkie. Or try lightly tapping your clitoris with one finger, speeding up as you become aroused. All the while, note areas and touches that provide the most satisfaction. Bottom line: You're the master of your own domain. It takes trial and error to figure out what makes you tick. Experiment and you'll be surprised by the sexy sensations you can provoke. Take it from Sara, 23, who stumbled upon her own tub turn-on (and incidentally hasn't taken a shower since): "As the tub was filling up, I moved closer to the faucet to adjust the temperature," she explains. "The running water splashed on my clitoris and immediately felt good. So I wrapped my feet around the faucet and let the water flow over me. The excitement kept building."
Other times in life that you need to prep yourself by drawing a nice warm bath:

1. When committing suicide with a razor. Remember kids: cut PARALLEL to your veins, not perpendicular. Perpendicular cuts are much easier to suture up. No one wants to be known as the cutter than couldn't even kill herself.

As a side note, a lot of people orgasm during suicide--specifically hangings--so in a way, committing suicide and masturbating in the tub are one in the same.

So please, Pepper, DO IT!



"Another great masturbation session...and I. Am. Spent!"

Solo Step 3: Try These Techniques

Now to hit your high note, you'll need to intensify the manual manipulation. "There's no one method that works for everyone," explains Allison, "but certain stroking styles are tried and true." Like a move she calls The Figure Eight. Use one or more fingers to glide up, over and around your clitoral area, tracing the number eight. You'll cover the clitoris and the inner labia -- a lusty locale that has nerve endings within its walls, which some women find even more arousing than the clitoris. Another favorite is The Compass. Hold two fingers out straight, side by side, and run them north to south and east to west over the width and length of your entire pleasure zone. A more advanced method is The Three-Fingers Thrill. Use your index and ring fingers to hold open your labia. This frees up your middle finger to stroke the tip of your clitoris.

Ultimately, you'll know what strikes a chord when a warm, flush feeling starts to set in. "Try not to be super goal-oriented, like, 'I have to have an orgasm in less than 15 minutes,' " says Venning. Just ride the wave of pleasure as your nether regions become more sensitive, your heart rate zooms, your breathing intensifies, and the walls of your vagina begin to contract -- all telltale signs you're bound for bliss.
OK, far be it for me to critique the labial value of using, say, The Figure Eight compared to the Compass. Or the Three-Fingers Thrill for that matter. I mean, when I finger girls I use the tried and true I'm-A-8th-Grader-So-Let's-See-How-Far-My-Middle-Finger-Can-Get-In Method.

What I will critique, however, is this line of brilliance:

"Ultimately, you'll know what strikes a chord when a warm, flush feeling starts to set in."

Let me get this straight. When it starts FEELING GOOD, then, and only THEN! will I know that I'm masturbating correctly?! Man, if only the other aspects of life were so easy.

Cosmo's advice for how to eat: When the object in your mouth starts tasting good, it means you've located food. Lick it, masticate it, and swallow it. We Cosmo Girls need this for nourishment! (Shhhh...but be sure and do the Three-Finger-Thrill to your throat a few minutes later to make sure you expectorate the food back into the toilet bowl! We want to be able to still fit into our "skinny" jeans!!!)

(A Cosmo Girl's B.F.F)

And remember, try to not to be super goal-oriented Cosmo Girls, like, "I hope to be at a Third Grade reading level by the end of this year!!! lol!!!"

Solo Step 4: Feel the Vibrations

Missy Elliott is on to something: Toys can be titillating. "Vibrators provide one of the strongest and most consistent forms of stimulation," says Judy Kuriansky, Ph.D., sex therapist and author of Generation Sex. Introduce the buzz factor once you've prepped yourself for pleasure, and it could make an orgasm a sure thing. But you have to know how to summon the sensations. Begin by working the vibrator over your clitoris, using the same techniques as described previously. (You may want to keep your panties on at first as a buffer; the buzz can be intense.) Then tease yourself by alternating speeds as your desire builds.

Just remember to switch up your routine. "Vibrators are great training wheels, especially for the gal who thinks she'll never get there," says Kuriansky. A word of caution though: Too much humming can potentially cause your nerve endings to become somewhat desensitized. Pace your usage of this joy stick and let your fingers do the work on the off days. Now that you know what makes your body tick, it's time to share your stimulating secrets with someone you love...or at least lust for.
What's with all the Missy Elliot references? Is Cosmo trying to get street cred? Maybe next month they'll have an article in which Kris Kross discusses the best way to answer the "Do I look fat in these jeans?" question.

"Warm it up Kris."

"I'm about to...go look for some work."

Cosmo ends this terrible article with a great little dessert for us. A total non-sequitor add-on:
Accidental Orgasms

Sometimes those Os come from surprising sources.

"I was in the hotel's hot tub when I flipped around to order a drink and inadvertently discovered perfect jet placement. Before I could say piña colada, the water pressure had sent me over the edge."
--Courtney, 19

"In the car, I keep my cell between my legs. One drive home, I was pissed at my guy so I refused to answer his calls. I guess he was worried -- he was pretty persistent. Luckily, the phone was on vibrate."
--Allie, 26

"I bought my jeans a size too small because they stretch, but I should've broken them in before class. Halfway through a lecture, my pants were practically molesting me. I had to excuse myself."
--Nat, 21

"My waxer moves my panties around as she works. One time, she pulled them up out of the way so she could get to the sides. The friction made me forget that Brazilians are supposed to be painful."
--Sarah, 32
"My penis was dirty once so I decided to wash it with Axe body wash as vigorously and thoroughly as I possibly could. Next thing I know...BOOM. All over my the shower radio! I thought I had broken myself."
--Aaron, 14

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cosmo Makes A Prima Facie Admittance to Not Getting Laid

Every one masturbates. But, especially those that never get laid, like 13-year-olds, soldiers, and solitarily-confined inmates. So it's about time that Cosmo printed--rather, tried to sneak into it's mag--a little article about how to jerk off. Because, without Cosmo, we obviously would have no idea how one does that dirty, little thing to oneself. I'm having trouble, myself, is the formula:

Masturbation = creating friction with your hand on your genitalia + a little time + hand speed + mental imagery of Jessica Alba = spooge all over my headboard???

Alas, this guide is strictly for the ladies, sayeth Cosmo:...

Your Hands-on Guide to Solo Sex

We've all seen Britney Spears grab her goods onstage. But until her anthem to solo sex, "Touch of My Hand," it was tough to picture the ex-Mickey Mouse Clubber double-clicking her own mouse. Nowadays, she's hardly coy when talking about pleasuring her bod. And it seems to be contagious. Listen to Missy Elliott's "Toyz." Hint: She's not rapping about Tickle Me Elmo. Yet even though masturbation seems less taboo, the National Health and Social Life Survey reported that 58 percent of women don't indulge. And of those who do, 47 percent feel guilty. It's ridiculous, insists Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., author of Everything You Know About Love and Sex Is Wrong. "Masturbation prepares you for great sex, since you learn what you like and can teach a partner," she says. Every Cosmo girl should know how to wow herself. Here, a helping hand.
So what exactly is Misdemeanor rapping about? Oh! Her 18 inch dildo! HAHAHAHAHA! I get it. Cosmo, you slay me. OK, there's only two kinds of people:

*Those that masturbate (42%)
*And those that are fucking lying harlots (58%)

Why are 47% of girls feeling guilty about masturbating? It's sad, and makes no sense. I mean, I felt guilty that one time I stole and used a huge gob of lotion lube from my mom's $200 bottle of [Fancy French Word] Fountain of Youth wrinkle creme--which is made by monks from Lyon--in order to get my shwerve on with my hand back when I was 14--but feeling guilty about that is to be expected. Not cause I wasted her fancy lotion for my solipsistic pleasures, but rather because I came all over our guest towels.

And, why the fuck must Cosmo get a quote from that hag Pepper Schwartz for EVER SINGLE ARTICLE? Here's what she looks like:

"Masturbation prepares you for great sex, since you learn what you like and can teach a partner. For instance, I like to be scatted on while my cat watches."

She kind of looks like fellow hag Rachael Ray, who sounds very masturbatory when discussing food:

"Now add one table spoon of E.V.O.O.--that's Extra Virgin Olive Oil--(guffaw) and then simmer and you'll have some 'You Won't Be Single for Long Vodka Cream Pasta.' It looks AAAAAAAAAAAAWESOME! Mmmmm...I like to stick a rolling pin up my ass while I rub one out! And with tax and tip that leaves me $18 for the rest of the day!"

Solo Step 1: Get into the M Mind-Set

It takes more than a five-second lip-lock to get you in the mood for sex with him. Same holds true for a DIY session. To light your libido, create an atmosphere for arousal: a haven sans distractions where you can say to hell with inhibition. Lock the door so no one bursts in. Disconnect your phone(s). Add ambience with candles and slow jams.

Next, tune in to your head space. "If you're watching CNN and trying to masturbate, it's going to take a while," says Rachel Venning, cofounder of the sex boutique Toys in Babeland and coauthor of Sex Toys 101. "In order to reach your peak, you need to relax and focus." If it takes a glass of wine to block out your boss (buzz kill!) and transition from work to play, cheers. Once you feel mentally uncluttered, fill your mind with sexy thoughts. Picturing Johnny Depp in a loincloth might help. Or do as Liz,* 28, does. "I have a videotape of Top Gun that I keep set to the volleyball scene," she says. "All that action makes me want to get some."

*Names have been changed.
Seriously, can you imagine how creepy it would be if you had a friend or roommate that you found out "set the mood" for masturbating? How fucking weird is that? Here's my mood, typically:

Saturday afternoon:

2:35 PM: "I've watched far too many episodes of the "Next" marathon on MTV today...I should do something productive. But what. to. do?"

2:36 PM: "I could masturbate. Indeed!"

2:37 PM: Visit for some free porn on my laptop. Search term: "drunk girls amateurs questionable morals blond naturals."

2:38 PM: Set mood by turning A.C. on--one can get a little sweaty while vigorously masturbating, especially while still numb with a hangover; making sure doors are locked; yelling out, "Steeeeeve, you home?" to GUARANTEE that no one is home; and putting on "Cat's in the Cradle"* on my home stereo system as my deadbeat dad left my family when I was 3 and I like to cry whilst jerking it.

2:50 PM: Still going. I told you I was hungover and disillusioned with myself.

2:51 PM: Maybe left hand would be better? Ah yes!

2:54 PM: Done.

2:55 PM: Wash hands.

2:56 PM: Cuddle with myself.

*I prefer the inferior Ugly Kid Joe version to the better Cat Stevens (ne Yusuf Islam) version.

STEPS 2-5 tomorrow. Please do not hold it til then though. You will get major masturbatory blue balls.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Cosmo Sutra--How to Injure Yourself

Cosmo's like that lame buddy every one has who quite evidentally hasn't been laid in ages, who no one EVER saw take a girl even back to his dorm room freshmen year, yet who not only claims to get fucked a lot, but who claims to have all sorts of spectacular sexual adventures. Cosmo is that friend. And, quite obviously, they have their "own" version of the Kama Sutra, created by many of their undersexed writers, in which they pretend that they have sex in all these ridiculous positions that would make even a porn star pull a groin muscle and question whether or not she should have dropped out of The Bayonne School for Manicure Sciences.

The first in a new weekly installment:

Sexy Scissors

Hot how-to: You lie faceup on a desk or tabletop with your hips perched on the very edge. Raise your legs to an eye-popping 90-degree angle, then have your guy grab your ankles. He extends his arms out to his sides, and as your legs are spread-eagle, he enters you while standing. Next, he starts alternately crossing and spreading your legs like scissors, opening and closing as he thrusts.

Why you'll love it: No other love lock will offer you such a body-rockin' range of sensations. One second your limbs are in an erotic X and you're supertight for a snug fit -- then suddenly you're wide open and able to take him in deliciously deep. We guarantee these thigh-melting maneuvers will lead to a whoa-baby wave of Os.

A part of me while reading that couldn't help but think that I was reading arcane Ikea instructions. While, another part of me thought I was reading the choreography to some lame gay dance-off show.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Alas! Someone from Cosmo IS Getting Laid...

Unless she's a lying old shrew.

Helen Gurley Brown, COSMO's erstwhile editor from 1966 to 1998, and the original "Cosmo Girl" has a letter in this Sunday's New York Times Book Review in which she writes to defend a book by Gail Sheehy ("Sex and the Seasoned Women" and other books I will never read) that Toni Bentley ("The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir" about butt-fucking (very much a reference guide which I keep on my Ikea nightstand) and who once said " ass is my very own back door to heaven.") slammed in a review last week. I don't care about this little literary old bag cat fight, but what I do care about is H.G.B.'s final line of her letter:

"Being over 50 (84!), by the way, I found the book ["Sex and the Seasoned Women"] realistic and inspiring. Don't mean to sound braggy (you know I don't know how to keep secrets), but my 90-year-old playmate and I are still sexually involved--pleasurably, reasonably, frequently. Seems to me if we can, *anybody* can."
(My bolded emphasis, as well as my throw-up all over my ergonomic keyboard)

So it would seem that someone at Cosmo (kind of) is indeed getting laid.

It's letter time:

"Dear Cosmo,

Sometimes when I'm giving my favorite gentleman caller a knob job, during a particularly vigorous deepthroating, I remove my face--in the height of passion--to find my mouth now empty. Empty of my teeth that is. And then find myself staring aghast as my dentures have poly-dented themselves onto my amour's wrinkly schlong. Two parter: #1: Is this something I should be embarrassed about? #2: And how to recover from this little faux-pas?

Carnegie Old Folks' Home
New York City."
Above: The H.G.B. and her decomposing fuck-buddy.

Come on, current Cosmo Girls, surely you're getting laid more than this old biddy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Booty Call Protocol...COSMO yet again acts like they get laid

Ever notice that the people most likely to use the term "Booty Call" are also the ones least likely to actually get laid via a "booty call?" (And is it not time we come up with a better term than "booty call," God forbid? That term is so childishly antiquated and late-1990s-esque-sounding. I'm open to suggestions...a "Let's Fuck Foning (long "o" sound)"? A "Makin' Whoopee Ring-Up"? An "I'm-Drunk-and-Struck-Out-Tonight/You're-Pathetic-and-Want-to-Be-My-Girlfriend-So-I'll-Stupidly-Take-Advantage-of-That, Please-Come-Over-Post-haste-and-Bring-Beer"???? A bit unwieldy, but I like that last one: I.D.a.S.O.T/Y.P.a.W.t.b.M.G.S.I.S.T.A.o.T,P.C.O.P.h.a.B.B. That acronym rolls off your tongue like fuckin' N.A.S.A. or S.C.U.B.A)*

Here, now reprinted, in it's entirety--for one and all to mock--are COSMO's "Booty Call Protocol":

Booty-Call Protocol

If you're going to indulge in no-strings-attached nooky, you'd be wise to follow a few rules.

Booty-Call Rule 1: Once a month is enough. When you suggest meeting up more than once every few weeks or so, it will come across as more of an obligation than a friends-with-benefits thing.

Booty-Call Rule 2: Avoid the redial button. If he doesn't answer or call back after you make the first attempt, don't keep hitting redial. He could be sleeping or spending time with someone else...and you're not allowed to mind.

Booty-Call Rule 3: Don't overstay your welcome (or let him overstay his). Sleeping over or brunching can feel awkward when you're just shagging. Stay within your boundaries by skipping the couple-y stuff.

Booty-Call Rule 4: Be honest with yourself. It can be emotionally taxing to have uncommitted sex, so once in a while, have a truthful talk with yourself to make sure you're still okay (really) with the casual encounters.

Aaron back now. What's that old poker axiom? Something like, "There's always one sucker at the poker table. And if you're not sure who the sucker is, it's probably you." Well, reading Cosmo's advice, I'd have to say to those sad Cosmo girls, "There's always one cum dumpster in a booty call relationship, and, yes, Cosmo writer, it's most decidedly you."

Relax, people, there's only one rule to the booty call: furiously create friction until one or both of you comes. It ain't that hard. ("But Cosmo, can I text message for a booty call?" "What if I'm high and not drunk? Is that allowed?" "Am I allowed to enjoy the booty call sex, or is that too relationship-y and will that scare the guy off???" Seriously, SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. and enjoy your life and your sex. And quit reading Cosmo.)

And, now, just for the hell of it, with no comments necessary, the first three images found when the term "booty call" is google image searched:


*Whoops, got a little too David Foster Wallace there.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ask the Prostitutes

In the last post we met my stable of sexperts. Now they will use their professional knowledge to answer questions that some chuckleheads actually wrote into Cosmo in the hopes of receiving an answer. Listen folks, never ask Cosmo anything that really matters to you. Quoth Cosmopolitan:

Your Burning Sex Questions -- Answered

Even if you've had your share of lovers, awkward moments can still crop up in the sack and throw you for a loop. In today's ever-shifting sexual climate, a Cosmo girl needs advice on how to handle sexual stumbling blocks with unwavering confidence and finesse.

"People don't always remember that manners are important in bed," says Alexa Joy Sherman, coauthor of The Happy Hookup. "Knowing how to deal with any uncomfortable or unexpected twists and turns with a guy will make sex go more smoothly and spare both of you from embarrassment." So read on, because Cosmo is dishing out the sex-etiquette tips you've been asking for. Follow them and your next naughty encounter will be relatively stress free.

Well, my girls certainly lack in the manners department, and you only get uncomfortable or unexpected twists and turns if you pay extra for them, but nevertheless, on with the questions...

"We had sex and he didn't call. How should I handle the situation?"

COSMO says:
Waiting for that first postsex phone call can be terribly nerve-tweaking, so save yourself the requisite is-he-or-isn't-he-gonna-call freak-out and give him a ring ‑- but just one. "There's no shame in calling to tell him that you had a great time," says Greg Behrendt, coauthor of He's Just Not That into You. Some men find it sexy if you call them, especially if they aren't totally convinced that you had a good time. However, most dudes will follow up if they're interested, so if you dial him and he seems distant (or you leave a message and he doesn't return the call), it's a clear sign that he's not planning to pursue things further. But at least now you know.

Remember ladies, any good business woman has to be proactive. You can't just sit around hoping that fmr. clients call again to make a future appointment. Get on the phone, or better yet, have your personal assistant get on the phone, and follow up with the say, 250 guys that you fucked last week. Furthermore, after sex, I always like to give my paramours a "How Am I Doing?" card that sort of looks like this:

Please circle the option that best typified your sexual transaction with ________.

Strongly Agree / Agree / Neutral / Disagree / Blow Me

*I found my whore's demeanor to be kind and courteous.

*My whore's bedroom was neat, and I found only a negligible amt. of jizm, stray pubic hair, and discarded prophylactics during my visit.

*(if applic.) I found my whore's blowjobs to be conducted in a professional manner.

*The pricing my whore offered for her services was reasonable.

*I would like to stick my dick in this whore again.

After analyzing these cards, you should definitely know which men to expect follow-up calls from, and which men it may be better to forget.

"How can I ask a guy I'm dating if he's been tested for STDs without scaring him off?"

COSMO says:
The STD convo is one every Cosmo chick has to learn to weather. Even if your guy seems totally trustworthy and assures you he's clean, it's perfectly legit to request those test results on paper.
"If he balks, tell him that it has nothing to do with your feelings for him, nor is it a matter of trust," says relationship coach Susan Campbell, Ph.D., author of Truth in Dating: Finding Love by Getting Real. "Unfortunately, a lot of people don't even know they have an STD, so explain that it's just something you've decided to ask of all potential partners." Of course, if you ask him to get tested, be prepared to pony up your own results as well.

"IN-BOX" says:
You don't find yo'self turnin' tricks because you was a good test taker growin' up. So a' course my STD tests ain't too good and shit. Sheeeeeeeeet, I don't even know what STD stand for. Stupid Test of Diseases or sumpin'? Look, are you going ta' just talk to me or is you going to invite me into yo' car? I'll suck yo' crank so hard it'll pop like a can of Pringles. But, yo, youse got the carbon copy on your most recent Chlamydia test? It's the only one I ain't got yet. I'm a collector of STDs and am workin' on a complete set and shit. Holla.

"Do I have to admit the number of people I've slept with to him?"

COSMO says:
Hell, no. "If you're completely healthy ‑- meaning STD-free after being tested ‑- and he's aware of that, this is one of those gray areas in communication where you can keep it a little ambiguous," says Sherman. "If you think it's none of his business, say so or be vague and make a joke, like, 'More than Jessica Simpson and fewer than Jenna Jameson.'"

Only if you're bragging. Nothing emasculates a man quicker than learning that he's fucking a girl that herself has fucked some thousand-fold more people than him. And, if nothing else, sex is mainly for embarrassing others. Is it not? My personal credo: "Always try to patronize (def. 2) the man that is patronizing (def. 1) you!"

[Aaron note: I thought Jessica Simpson was as big of whore as Jenna Jameson though? Confused. Please advise, Cosmo.]

*Footnote for the laymans:
pa·tron·ize ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ptr-nz, ptr-)
tr.v. pa·tron·ized, pa·tron·iz·ing, pa·tron·iz·es
1. To go to as a customer, especially on a regular basis, (see prostitution).
2. To treat in a condescending manner.

"Should I reveal to someone I'm casually dating that I'm sleeping with someone else?"

COSMO says:
You don't have to, but it is the cool thing to do, especially if you expect the same from him. Don't be ashamed about the fact that you have options. "Tell him, 'Right now, I'm enjoying being single, being with you, and not being in a serious relationship,' " suggests Kerner.

If he prickles at the thought of you bedding another dude, tell him that you respect his feelings but that you want to take things slowly and just enjoy where you are right now, says Kerner. Then concentrate on showing him how into him you are. But be prepared: Your revelation could be a deal breaker, so gear up for the fact that he may choose to walk away...and he's entitled to.

The only "cool thing" to do is to make sure Guy A's dick is completely out of you before Guy B arrives.

"IN-BOX" says:
Look at Tatiana, thinking she all classy and shit just cause she got all her teeth. Fuck you, some guys like their dick gummed. But 2 answer the question, I haven't "bedded" a dude since George Clinton was Pres-o-dent. I do my fucking in back alleys. I ain't lying.

Does any one got some weed?

Thanks girls! That was some awesome advice. Maybe the Cosmo empire can expand to one more periodical to sit aside Cosmo and CosmoGirl on the newsstand: CosmoWhore. I'd read it*.

More questions answered from prostitutes and other sex-savvy experts coming soon...

*Any one got the energy to mock up a potential CosmoWhore cover for me? (I'm lazy and unskilled).

Friday, February 17, 2006

Fuck Cosmo. For Sex Advice, Ask the Real Experts--Prostitutes

It's always bothered me that "professional" sex advice seems to come from the worst of sources--people that never fuck. Er, people that HAVEN'T fucked since L.B.J. was in office. You know, like her...

And her...

Yeah, it may be cute to hear some great-grandma tell you that "makin' whoopee" with the "drapes closed" can lead to the kind of "intercourse" that "trips the lights fantastic," (and "would you like some hard candy?") but is that really helpful? So some of us poor souls then go to Cosmo in the hopes of getting our needed sex questions answered. But of course they're even worse than the dried-up-vagina geriatrics in offering the fuck advice you need. So I thought, why don't REAL experts give sex advice. REAL professionals. Hookers.
Allow me to introduce our sexperts:


Name: Stacey "In-Box" Gordon
Rate: B/J $25; Fuck $50; Anal (Negotiable)

Stationed on the 800 block of 10th Avenue when the temperature is above 50 Fahrenheit, and in a corner booth at the nearby Popeye's when the weather is inclement, In-Box's hobbies include getting slapped, doing crack, and watching "Grey's Anatomy" with her "girls."


Name: Shoshanna Fucksalot
Rate: Countless options and prices to fit with any budget, please consult menu.

Mrs. Fucksalot (birthname Allison Cromwell) became employed at Madame Tussuad's Waxed Pussy House after answering a job posting on a whim. A bit of a jokester around the bordello, Shoshanna spends her spare time taking S.T.D. tests and changing her bedsheets. She has a pet beaver named Vagina.


Name: Tatiana
Rate: 1 hour "anything goes til you spurt" $200

Tatiana (not her real name, nor is she actually pictured here) can be any race you wish, any age you wish, even have a penis if you wish, but there's one thing you can't wish for--nor even pay the $200 for--her to be hot. See the picture of "her" that you're looking at in the back of the free newspaper you picked up at the deli? Take that picture, crumple it into a ball, spill some coffee grinds on it, poke a few holes in it, draw a terrible tattoo on the pictured woman's cleavage, and eliminate all of the photo's self-respect (if possible)--now that's what Tatiana will look like upon her arrival at your hotel room. Don't be too shocked. And since you're wasted, I'm sure you won't be. Tatiana plys her trade in the classiest of Manhattan hotel districts, the "ritzy" Madison Square Garden district. Don't worry, the concierge (ha ha) at the Hotel Pennsylvania doesn't mind. He's trying to dispose of an OD'ing heroin junky.

Now that you've met my bitches, on with the questions...(COMING SOON)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Question: Notice any similarities?

Answer: Both have sex with lots of very hot men.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I.A.A.C.G.L. Gets Called Out By a Former Cosmo-naut

Well, last week saw our blog featured on Gawker, MSN and Nerve among several others and, predictably, traffic soared--yet, no backlash, not even a murmur from a current Cosmo employee, or please, please, Lawd please, a Cosmo higher-up. And this, despite the fact that dozens and dozens of IP addresses from Hearst Corp* (yeah, we know you read our blog) have viewed the site. A current Cosmo employee mole that may be working for me in the future (interview to come soon...) has even informed me that the great Brooke Le Poer Trench has read the blog post about her. Yet still no response. Please, other Cosmo insiders, hell, other Cosmo folks that want to defend your terrible monthly advice, we very much look forward to hearing from you--email us, your anonymity will remain secure, I promise.

For now, though, we'll focus on a former Cosmo-naut that contacted me and who which I'm still having a very nice conversation with, which I'm not allowed to discuss further at this point. However, she did bring up a terrific point which I'd like to address. After a heated exchange she asked me, actually told me:

" are either a jerk or you don't get laid very often."

A very valid point. How can I make fun of Cosmo's terrible sex advice if I'm less sex-savvy than them? (Note: I make no bones about be a jerk--I very much am). Making fun of Cosmo's advice if I could offer none better myself would be like a big fat guy making fun of and brutally critiquing all the phenomenal athletes in the NFL. Oh wait...

Len Pasquarelli, fat blowhard.

Jason Whitlock, enormously fat critic of in-shape athletes/slash people that can actually touch their toes.

OK, fair enough--but, nevertheless, I KNOW what I'm talking about. So I encourage readers of this blog to please send in any sex questions and we'll answer them with veracious advice, good advice, not the shit way that Cosmo would and does.

Send sex questions to CosmoAaron.

(And send questions about how to be a jerk to the same address.)

*The Hearst Corporation publishes Cosmopolitan along with such other now-shitty magazines as Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and Fellatio Insider, all the while William Randolph Hearst rolls around in his grave. Rosebud!

Tattoos. Not Just For Skanks. Also for the Douchebags that Bone Them.

In addition to being trite as hell, tattoos can clue you in to how big of tool yo' man is. I'll give you some insight on what male tattoos really mean, and why drinking before you get one is always a bad idea.*

Actually, men that get crosses, stars, or Buddhist symbols are fucking banal cliches showing respect to their ability to flip through the sample book at the local tattoo parlor with their "brahs" moments before deciding on what needs to be on their body for life. These guys are about as creative as people that quote Napoleon Dynamite in social situations. (And don't you love how Cosmo gets a quote from a motherfucking PhD in assessing what tattoos mean? I mean, seriously, a fucking PhD? Why? Oh right, because most people that waste their time going to additional schooling to get doctorates really have nothing worthwhile to contribute to society or they'd probably get off their asses and contribute it as opposed to going to school for another million years and then writing books about the (incorrect) social significance of barbwire tattoos.) As for that guy's tattoo leading you to believe he "breaks them (rules) all in the bedroom," he certainly does. Sodomy with another man is a crime in 38 states.

The female equivalent of the "spiritual" tattoo is the Chinese letters on the small of her back. Real deep man.

I'm not an Incan or Mayan or even Cherokee scholar or anything, but I'm pretty sure a set of parallel lines are not the war symbols of any indigenous tribe. They look more like one of those brain teasers, you know, Which line is longer?:

But seriously, wouldn't it be so much badder ass--so much fucking sexier--if this homo was covered in brainteasers? You know, an Escher or two, maybe that one that looks like an old lady one way/a young lady the other way, the fork with too few of prongs that never connect to the base...shit like that:

Or how bout if the guy was covered in one of those cool-in-the-early-90s Magic Eye things?:

(If you stare at this Magic Eye tattoo long enough, a douchebag will appear)

These would make a great bunch of tattoos, and immediately tell you, unequivocally, that the tattoo canvas was a man that you should never have sex with. Instead, it's a little tougher to figure out that one shouldn't have sex with Mr. Tribal Band and his "ubermasculinity." And I bet there's one hold that barred in that guy's lovemaking life...other girl's vagina holds...I mean, holes.

Now we come to this guy:

Maybe you can't see but he's covered head to toe in Disney tattoos, Mickey, Goofy, Aladdin, and Pinocchio's right in his groinal region. (Note: pray to god that this guy doesn't lie when he's around you. Pray.) And can I just say how happy I am that Cosmo included a less-than-toned guy in this month's issue. Kudos Cosmo. Kudos. Oh yeah, and what do these tattoos say about this guy? That he's never been laid by a willing participant.

The Asian Character. Man, how fucking stupid is it for a non-Asian to get that? It's a slap in the face. Like I'd get some Ebonics writing on my bicep or something.

Actually, that does look pretty cool. Maybe I will get that tattoo. It might inspire a trend. What would Cosmo say Ebonics-writing tattoos tell you about the guy with them? That he has a huge black schlong and won't pay your child support after he knocks you up? Let us only hope.

And for the record, any Asian tattoo no doubt translates to "Extreme Fag." Yes, Alaskans have 50 different words for snow, Mandarin has 1250 characters for "raging homo." T'is a beautiful language.

OK, seriously, is that not the worst, most Crackerjack-prize temporary tattoo you've ever seen in your life? If I was Kate--first of all I'd be pissed that I was a guy yet my parents named me Kate--and secondly I would dump this dude in a second for not even having the courage (and the love for me) to get a dirty needle perma-tattoo on his body.

And that was another terrible article by Cosmo. So now I'll recommend a few awesome tattoos of my own. Most of which I used to have before I had to get them lasered off in order to get hired by my current employer (The Latin Kings street gang--South Bronx division). I'll also tell you what they mean.

*Hebrew Characters
This tattoo is a salute to my heritage while also letting you know that I'm circumcised, have an annoying mother, and will never ever never have sex with you if you're a Jewish women.

*The Meta-Tattoo
For the irony lover, this tattoo denotes that you wittily mock girls that love to get tattoos on the smalls of their backs, while also showing that you're into choke-play--if you don't understand, don't ask.

*The Subterfuge Tat
This one is all about deception. By getting a tattoo of a hilariously small penis on your stomach, right above your actual penis, you totally fool the girl. True, you may only have a 4 inch schlong, but side-by-side with the 2 inch penis tattoo right above it, you look like John fuckin' Holmes. The prositutes' intense cries of ecstasy will prove how much you've fooled them!

One final note: remember tattoo-ing is no game. You may question whether or not you're a loser, but it's hard for the general public to ever know. When you decide to get a stereotypical tattoo, however, every one in the world now knows that you suck. So be safe. Next week we'll discuss what your penis and tongue piercings mean.

*I love that the photographer of these soft-core male porn shots is a guy named Butch. Bootch. How big of boner did he have on his tripod while taking these?

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